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Comprehensive notes according to topics
Attractive video learning lesson on specific topics
Exercises include High Order Thinking Skills & Mind Mapping
Exam model question papers
Special prizes according to student's performance
Intelligent marking system
Review the student's performance
Definitions & Example sentences
Essay writing with sample
Top Students National Ranking
Flashcard according to textbook
Learn vocabulary words through pictures
"This helps my students capture their attention"
Teacher Anne
Principal (Rainbow Kids Academy, Puchong)
what children say...

I love VSchool Trend because I can study anytime and anywhere. VSchool Trend gives me lots of knowledge and interesting ways to study. Thank you mummy buying VSchool Trend for me.

Emily Boey Yenn Theng

I must thanks to my parents who has invested into VSchool Trend. The system is great and has variety of exercises to practise. I am confident that through VSchool Trend I am able to achieve good score in my study.

Sarvin Manosh

I like VSchool Trend it make my revision much easier, faster and more interesting. My standard 4 result shown big improvement. I am happy with VSchool Trend and will continue using it. After completed the revision, I still have free time for myself to read my favourite comic.

Soong Zhi Shuen

Hi, I am Jessica. I am 11 years old. I study at Kong Min Cawangan Kedua. I want to thank VSchool because it helps me to get good result especially my recent exam, I get third place in my class. My favourite subject is mathematics. Thank you VSchool!

Jessica Choong Xin Hui

我喜欢 VSchool 因为我不喜欢刻板学习。无论我在那里,任何时候, 有手机或电脑,有网线,我就能用 VSchool轻松复习课业。有了即时改题, 不但帮我改善我的粗心问题,我也不需要再等妈妈为我批改习题。

Bung Yu Xuen

I love VSchool Progam 尤其是它有很清楚的 Notes,还可以打印出来,让我随 时随地可以阅读到老师还未教到的单元。谢谢妈咪,帮我找到这么棒的⽹络 学习系统,让我在3月份的考试又进步了!

Goey Yi Jun
How do I get support after I subscribe? 
You can always reach out to us at anytime by sending us a message. Once we receive your enquiries, we will get back to you (usually within 1-3 business days)
What happens after I make the payment? 
After you make the payment, we will immediately send you a form to fill in your details and choose your children's levels. You will have immediate access to your secret subscriber-only members area where you can access our training videos and free bonuses.
When can my children start learning once I've subscribed? 
You will have immediate access to your subscribers-only members area so you can access our how-to tutorials and free bonuses. As for your e-learning access, we will need approximately 3-5 working days to process your account. We will notify you via e-mail immediately with your login details and password so you can start learning immediately. 
I'd like to renew my subscription, how do I do that? 
That's great news, please send us a message so that we can make arrangements to extend your subscription. 
How do I learn if the language is in Chinese/Malay /English?
We understand that sometimes our notes and exercises are not in your native language. We have a very simple solution, you can always install the Google Chrome Translate extension so that you can translate on the fly immediately while going through our exercises. (Disclaimer: Google translate extension does not work with our built in notes & videos). 
Your program is good, but I am worried that my children don't want to use it.
Don't worry, if they were given a choice to choose between books or computers, they will definitely choose computer for learning. With our learning program they can have a simpler and easier way to study because all the important notes are provided. As a parent if we can afford of course we will provide the best learning platform to our children.
My children are very busy, they have many homework need to do. I don't think they have enough time to use the program.
Since your children are so busy, it is even more important to use our program as we have summarised all the important points in every topic, they do not have to spend more time to find or highlight those points in their textbook, our summaries Mind-Mapping Notes can help them to save more time. They can spend more time on other activities.
My house doesn't have computer & Wi-Fi
Smartphones, tablets or any electronic devices with lnternet accessibility are sufficient to use our program. You can even download our Notes and study off-line. Nowadays, PC & Wi-Fi are affordable. You may also use your smartphone's hotspot to provide internet access. Your child's education is much more important compared to all these miscellaneous costs.
lf they use this program, does it mean I don't have to send my children to tuition centre anymore?
It is up to you, but please be reminded that this programme is not to replace school or tuition centre, it is just a supplement for them in case if they do not understand or have difficulties catching up with lessons in school or tuition centre. With our program, they can easily refer back to the important notes or video on that topic which they don't understand Furthermore, with our detailed report card, parents & teachers can easily identify which topic or subject they are weak in and provide help immediately.
How many questions do you have in the system? ls it updated? Will that be enough for my children?
Currently we have more than 600,000 questions in our data bank and it will be updated constantly. This will be more than enough for your children and you will never need to buy exercise or reference books ever again. Imagine how much money you can save and what you can do with the extra savings. 
What if I purchase this year and will it upgrades to next standard next year?
Don't worry, our system will auto-upgrade to the next level on every 1st of March each year. So, they can continuously use our program when they are in the next level.
I don't want my children to use computer. Looking at the screen for long hours, it's not good for their eyes.
We understand how you feel because this is a legitimate concern. However, good news is our learning program is designed to be used for only 10-20 minutes per subject per day (maximum two subjects per day). This is for effective learning and children can continue doing other physical and extracurricular activities. 
How about essay? Does your program contain essay format?
Yes, we do have essay writing for your children to practice and we provide model answers for them to refer too upon submission so that they can have an idea on writing a good essay as well comparing their own writing with the model answer.
"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today"
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