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Feedback From A Tuition Principle
the best part about Vkids is instant report. Every parent is looking for instant report. sometimes we need 1 or 2 weeks just to do their marking. But with Vkids, it is amazing. Just do, next level is report. 

We are going to implement in our tuition centre, you can’t imagine what has happened. Normally people will say I think, I decide later, but 95% is success, is signed, they purchase, and they want the kids to enjoy the thing. The kids are just “Mum I’m very excited!”. 

I think this program is really amazing. Thank you very much for Vkids to introduce such a brilliant, excellent and burdenless program to teachers and the parents. 
What Jeff Chin Says...
What is Vschool Trend? You have found the right person. I, Jeff Chin, would like to let you know Vschool Trend is the most trending online learning program. 

It is an effective platform for students designed based on school syllabus from Standard 1 to Form 5, consists of various unique features, improves children's self-learning ability. 

At the same time, allows working parents to keep an eye on their kids' learning progress. Children can enjoy learning anytime, anywhere. Vschool Trend is your child's best choice.
Feedback From Parents & Teachers...
In hindsight, since VSchool Trend was first introduced we had received feedback from parents and teachers on the students' learning outcomes with the help of this program. The unique features in VSchool Trend not only changes students’ learning experience to an interesting one but also changes their traditional way of studying to be more enjoyable and effective.

We are glad that we received overwhelming support from all VSchool Trend users along this journey. Our hard work paid off and we couldn’t be more thrilled. The support from you is our motivation, the reason for us to keep moving forward and work hard to be better. We appreciate all the touching feedback from our customers.
Online learning has been an incredibly popular topic in recent years. 

Both students and teachers have embraced the power of the internet to create an online education industry that is flourishing in the new high speed, multi device world. Education no longer needs to be restricted by location, wealth, time or status.

This represents a vast shift than education moving to a location independent model. It allows a wider range of people to get involved in education, and to ultimately improve themselves.

VSchool Trend Learning Online education gives students true flexibility in the way they want to study. The flexibility to study your chosen subject from anywhere, at any time, is incredibly attractive to students.

VSchool Trend Learning Program has bought the wonders of learning to a new generation. It provides potential students with opportunities that would not have been available to many of them, even 5 years ago.

Children are the future, teach them well and let them lead the way. We transform children, to a better place for present and future generations.

We believe taking advantage of this digital revolution will definitely improve education around the world and drive students forward.
what You Will You Get ... 
When you register for Our free Trial, you will have a preview and taste of our full learning program and benefits. here's a list of what you will see when you register for our free Trial:
  • User Friendly
  • ​According To School Syllabus
  • ​Core Subjects + BC (SK, SJKC, SMK), SEJ (SK, SJKC) & ASK, RBT (SMK)
  • ​Colorful Content
  • ​Online & Offline Notes
  • ​Picture Dictionary (Primary)
  • ​Video Flash Card (Standard 1 & 2)
  • ​Media Exercises
  • ​Animated Exercises
  • ​Exercises with KBAT Format
  • ​Intelligent Subjective Format
  • ​iThink Mindmap Format
  • ​Comprehension Exercises with Pronunciation
  • ​Essay Writing & Sample Essays
  • ​Evaluation for UPSR, PT3 & SPM
  • ​Instant Marking With Motivational Words in BM, BI & BC
  • ​More Than 500,000 Questions In The Question Bank
  • ​Dictionary With Pronunciation (BI-BC & BC-BI)
  • ​Detailed Report Card
  • ​Student Rewards Campaign
have 365 days FULL ACCESS to the features listed above for only rM1.07 per day when you subscribe to our full program. want to know what we're talking about? register for our free webinar right now...
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